The Storm of You

A Poem By: Diana Housel
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The Storm of You

Throughout the day, I bask in the sunlight of freedom,
And I can disconnect my memories of you.
But in the quiet moments of the evening,
As darkness falls and the sky awakens with stars,
The storm of you rages and your anger invades my peace.

I run for cover but I always slip and fall.
You close the gap and I’m helpless as I’m caught
In the eye of your storm.

I relive the rain of my tears, saltly like the sea,
As the strong winds of your brutality beat me down.
Your hateful words roll like thunder
As each bolt of lightening strikes with precision
At my vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Then comes the bitter taste of my blood
As it flows freely from my lip down my chin.
But just as quickly as it began, the storm of you passes,
And the familiar rainbow of bruising begins.

But this time, your storm feels different
And as I begin to heal yet again, I make the decision
To stand, to fight, to leave,
Determined to find the sun and blue sky of peace.

The storm of you has weakened now
And it will no longer batter my mind, my being, or my body.
I will no longer fear your rolling thunder or your flashes of lightening
Because I have discovered my own strength in spite of you.

A Poem By: Diana Housel
Written for Safe Space, Inc. for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims in Butte, Montana.

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