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FREE App for Helping Prevent Domestic Violence

Voted as one of the two “best apps for domestic violence prevention” last year, the Aspire News App is a potentially life-saving app that allows victims of abuse to call for help at the touch of a button. The app contains summaries of top stories in world, sports, and entertainment news powered by Yahoo! It is available for download on iPhone and Android smartphone devices.

Additionally, if someone you know is in an abusive relationship – or if that someone is you – the Help section of the application contains resources for victims of domestic violence.

Please Note: This app does not serve as a replacement for emergency services – in any situation where you feel that you may be at risk, please dial 911 or your local emergency number.

Check out Robin McGraw on The Dr. Phil Show discussing her innovative work with the Aspire Initiative and app!

The Aspire News App has been downloaded
300,000+ times all over the world!

Helping Those in Need

The Aspire Curriculum Has Helped Many Facing Domestic Violence. You Are Not Alone!

Looking for an Online Educational Source?

The Aspire Curriculum is What You Need!

The Aspire Initiative is a FREE domestic violence education curriculum aiming to reduce the level of intimate relationship violence in the U.S., and instill the importance of bystander responsibility, from prevention to safe exit strategies. Available to access online, anywhere, anytime.

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