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Robin McGraw Launches Campaign to Support Victims of Domestic Abuse

A little do-gooding can go a long way for Dr. Phil fans – in fact, in can take them all the way to Hollywood.

Dr. Phil’s wife Robin McGraw, 61, announced on the show today that she will be giving away the chance to join her and her husband, 65, for their signature Walk Off at the end of the show for those who donate at least $10 to her foundation, When Georgia Smiled, which benefits victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

It’s a very worthy cause but at the same time we can have fun supporting it,’ she told Daily Mail Online about the Omaze campaign, which launched today with a comical video featuring various twists on the Walk Off.

The foundation, which Robin launched two years ago, supports a cause that became exceptionally important to her while watching Dr. Phil’s show.

‘I have been to every taping, and the shows that have moved me the most are the ones about domestic violence and sexual assault,’ she said. ‘To sit there and see the courage of those men and women and children, who come and ask for help…

‘I’ve been very moved. I’ve also been moved by those women who have been in those situations and want to give back and help other women and children and men who need to get out.’

To help promote her foundation, she teamed up with Omaze, which offers special experiences – often with celebrities – to those who donate to specific causes.

‘Their goal is to offer a once-in-a-lifetime price, so we wanted ours to be unique,’ Robin explained.

‘The most personal thing I can offer that I think is exciting, and a lot of fun, and history-making, is a chance to join he Walk Off.’

For the uninitiated, Dr. Phil and Robin’s Walk Off is the couple’s signature way of closing the show, which they’ve done about 2,305 times in fourteen years – since the very first episode.

‘I went to the first taping to support my husband, and I have been to every show,’ Robin explained. ‘It’s a huge part of the Dr. Phil show, and a huge part of what we represent.

No fan or guest has ever joined them for the Walk Off – until now. For a donation of just $10, fans will be entered to win a chance to appear on air for the closing of the show.

When a winner is chosen in November, he or she and one guest will be flown out to Hollywood, put up in a four-star hotel, and given a make-over by the show’s Glam Squad. They’ll also take home a bag of goodies, including a pair of shoes chosen for them by Robin.

Higher donations – every dollar of which benefits victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence – earn even more chances to win, and also come with thank you gifts, like T-shirts, journals, or totes all designed by Robin. She is even giving away signed pairs of her own designer shoes.

‘I’m really proud of the other merchandise,’ she said. ‘There’s a theme with X’s and O’s, and a T-shirt that says “If the heel fits…'”‘

Another thing she’s proud of? The special video she and her husband made to announce the campaign, featuring several twists on their classic Walk Off.

‘We probably did six or seven different ones – we did a conga line, we did one with cowboy hats, we did one with rose petals and a big bouquet,’ she said.

‘My favorite was the basketball-themed one with pom-poms and foam fingers. [Dr. Phil’s] favorite was on the motorcycle. He hasn’t quit talking about that.’

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